Satomi Hakase

葉加瀬 聡美

Student Number: 24 Birthday: July 14, 1988 Clubs: Robot Construction Research Society, Advance Jet Research Society The smartest girl in class 3-A aside from Chao Lingshen, Hakase or "Professor" as she's sometimes called, is almost always involved in research at Mahora University's science labs whenever she's not in class. Hakase is Chachamaru's creator and therefore the closest thing Chachamaru has to a mother. Hakase appears to have known about magic even before Negi came to Mahora, based on the fact that Chachamaru was made to run partially off magic, and all the conversations she has with Evangeline. She is the only person who knows for sure that Chachamaru is in love with Negi, and designs a more realistic skin-like covering for Chachamaru to help her out with her goal (Negi). During the school festival and before the martial arts tournament, she helps run the Chao Bao Zi diner cart with Satsuki. She is one of the few girls in the class who does not go with Negi on his trip to England. Hakase is the right-hand "girl" of Chao Lingshen, and she helps Chao with her plan to reveal magic to the world by constructing an army of robots powered by the world tree's magic, as well as creating many anti- wizard measures to incapacitate the magic users of Mahora. Her motivations for helping Chao with her plan are never revealed. During Negi's final fight with Chao, Hakase becomes genuinely impressed with Negi's magical skill, which allows him to fight on par with her and Chao's most advanced technology.