Satoshi Fukube

福部 里志

Also Known As:

  • Fuku-chan

Age: 15-16 Height: 163 cm Weight: 57 kg Motto: "A database can't draw conclusions." Satoshi went to the same middle school as Houtarou and Mayaka. He knows a lot of things, but most of all are trivial ones. He's really cheerful and a great match to befriend the apathetic Houtarou. He is really active, already being a part of the Student Council and Handicraft Club before joining the Classics Club. He is the "database" of the club and has very good memory. It was later on revealed that he is obsessed with not becoming obsessed with anything. Because of this, he steals Mayaka's Valentine chocolates in order to prevent himself from becoming obsessed with her. However, he also admits that he wishes to be with her.