Satsuki Momoi

桃井 さつき

Also Known As:

  • Sa-chin

School: Touo Academy Height: 161 cm Age: 16 Birthday: May 4 Job: Manager Talent: Analyst The ex-manager of the basketball team at Teikou, and now serving as Touou's manager. She's in fact Aomine's childhood friend and enters Touou together with him because she can't leave him alone. She is actually in love with Kuroko and considers herself to be Kuroko's girlfriend. Her reasoning for loving Kuroko is that he once gave her a coupon for an extra ice cream, although he only did this because he was already full. As noted by Riko her data collection abilities are elite and she resembles a spy while observing the game. She doesn't only have the past data, but she can also predict the opponent's growth, and thus making her a great strategist. Apparently she's also bad at cooking.