A girl with black, long hair who has been seen in the reflection of Leerin's eyes. She is a genetic human and is able to pull out guns from what appears to be her body. Saya works with Ailen as something of a mercenary for hire. It is revealed at the end of episode 24 that she is indeed still alive, apparently ageless and immortal. Apparently she is also responsible for the Heavenly Blades and decides who will wield it. She chose to send the Heaven Blade of Sky back to Layfon and might be responsible for its fusion with Layfon's Psyharden katana. She seems to have awakened and is no longer in the sealed room. At the end, she is seen taking the goat mask in her hand. She is searching to be reunited with Ailen and she knows that Leerin's right eye is Ailen's, and thus is fond of her.