Sayaka Watanabe

渡辺 彩花

Also Known As:

  • Nabe

One of the tenants at Kawai Complex and a college student studying at a local university. She basically has a cheerful and laid back attitude; however, she has a bad habit of leading on guys even when she's not particularly interested in them, which tends to get her in trouble. Mayumi dislikes her mostly for this reason, however Sayaka also likes to tease and grope her, further contributing to her dislike of her. Comically, she is terrified of rabbits, to the point of screaming and running away when she sees one.

It has been stated that she only looks cute thanks to heavy makeup and false eyelashes, and it is strongly implied that she is actually rather unattractive without it. When Usa accidently sees her without makeup, he is shocked and thinks that makeup is scary.
In episode 11, it is revealed that she dates girls as well as boys.

She likes teasing Usa and Ritsu a lot.



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