Scar's Master

Scar's mentor from Ishval, a holy man. The two got separated when Kimblee attacked the group of refugees of which they were a part. Upon learning of his student's "crusade" against State Alchemists, he counsels him on the teachings of Ishvala. In the anime, he says, "Even in the darkest of suffering, a man can sleep. But for the man who inflicts the suffering, his mind cannot rest. Ever." In the manga, he explains "Revenge only grows seeds of revenge," (which Scar didn't care for much until he found Winry pointing a gun at him, intending to seek revenge for her parents' deaths, as Scar was their killer in the manga). He later speaks on behalf of the Ishvalans at a refugee camp when Mustang and his men arrive looking for Scar. Scar's master was one of the few survivors of the covert op of which Martel was a part, and which triggered the Ishval massacre. He is never mentioned by name in the anime. He does exist in the Manga because he can be seen in a cameo in Chapter 58 for a brief period of time, and in chapter 72 in flashback when he stating that although they may (and should) not forgive the damage Amestris done to the Ishval, but they must not surrender to the hatred, and endure it, to sever the bonds of hatred, since they're human beings.