Schawanheld Bulge


The captain of the Sirius Platoon. Schwanhelt was made captain by Wataru in the first episode when Wataru sacrificed his life to protect everyone from the invading destroyer. Schwanhelt is a very capable leader and is often (both literally and figuratively) seen as a father figure to the other members of the platoon. He puts the safety and welfare of others before his own and takes his job seriously. Schwanhelt is a very caring leader, and even gave up love to protect those he cared about. He is about 39 years old or more. (Season 1: Episode 11 - Forget Me not) In Episode 22 "the merciless wind" Schwanhelt deliberately disobeys the orders of the general from the secret intelligence division and saves crew members instead of repairing Big One and when the situation gets of out control he ends up punching the general and knocking him unconscious. In the next episode, Schwanhelt is stripped of his title as captain of the platoon and the platoon is dissolved, causing the members to be distributed to other platoons. In Episode 24 "Blazing Galaxy" the commander of the Galaxy Railways gives Bulge permission to take action and he is unofficially reinstated as Captain. (Source: Wikipedia)