Scheris Adjani


15-year-old Scheris Adjani is a former native alter who was rescued from gang members by Ryuhou in a HOLY raid as a child. She joined HOLY shortly after. When first introduced it is obvious that she is a light-hearted and friendly girl. She has a strong crush on Ryuhou, and will follow him to no end. When Mimori Kiryu makes her presence known, Scheris begins to express a certain amount of jealously when she suspects that Mimori and Ryuhou are more than friends. After a period of this, she loses hope and allows Mimori to make her stand. However, in the manga, Scheris is the one who, at the end of the manga, ends up with Ryuhou, after Mimori gave up hope. Scheris is very energetic in most situations. Scheris' alter ability is "Eternal Devote," which allows her to heal others and bolster their abilities, as well as inflict severe pain through physical contact and even resurrect a fallen comrade. Her alter is difficult to control and saps her of physical strength. But although it was labeled forbidden to use, Scheris dies using her full alter power to revive a fallen Ryuhou near the end of the series in the episode bearing her name (When she used her alter then it manifested itself as an independent alter). After she disappears, Ryuhou cries out for her after Kazuma lectures him on her death and convinces him to say something for her (sort of like a funeral), giving her the acknowledgment she had been striving for so long. In the manga, she uses her alter to combine with Ryuhou temporarily, allowing him to use the Zetsui Toryudan. Also, Scheris survives in the manga, and uses her love for Ryuhou to help support him, and spur him into victory. She first appears in Episode 1. (Source: Wikipedia)