Seiichi Yukimura

幸村 精市

Also Known As:

  • Child of God
  • Demigod

Rikkaidai Fuzoku Chuu 3rd Year Class: 3-C #21 Birthday: 5th March (Pisces) Height: 175cm Weight: 61kg Blood type: A Dominant Hand: Right Play Style: All-Rounder Special Move: Yips tennis Favorite Food: Grilled Fish Hobby: Gardening Family: Father, Mother, Grandmother, Younger Sister Father's occupation: Worker (Advertisement Company) Favorite Subject: English, Mathematics, Art Often visited place in school: the campus flowerbed, rooftop garden Favorite color: pale blue Preferred type: healthy people Seiichi Yukimura is a third year and the captain of Rikkai Dai. Yukimura, vice captain Genichirou Sanada, and regular Renji Yanagi are known as the Three Demons of Rikkai Dai, since all three joined the regulars when they were first years. In the winter prior to the current school year, Yukimura collapsed and was hospitalized. In the hospital, he was diagnosed and treated for Guillain-Barré syndrome, a neurological disease. In the anime, Kippei Tachibana of Fudomine is hospitalized in the same hospital as Yukimura after breaking his leg. Supposedly Yukimura is the best player on the team, as well as the best junior tennis player in all of Japan—as good as Seigaku captain Kunimitsu Tezuka, or even better. Members of the Rikkai team had said once that since Yukimura is not playing now, the best player is Tezuka, showing that they firmly believed in Yukimura's position as the best player. When the author Takeshi Konomi was asked in one interview who he thought was the best player in the whole story, he answered Yukimura. According to Shusuke Fuji he has achieved the Muga no kyouchi. But never used it the anime/manga series. Yukimura has a delicate and almost feminine appearance, which contrasts with his strong willpower and a rather stern, brutally honest attitude on court. Still, when not on the court, Yukimura is a very kind and friendly person, if still proud and dignified. After going through a successful surgery on the day Rikkai Dai lost the Kanto Finals to Seigaku, Yukimura has returned to lead his team in the National Tournament. In the nationals Seigaku and Rikkadai have made it to the finals. There he plays against Echizen Ryoma in the singles 1 match. Yukimura is an all-rounder and doesn't has a particular special move. Despite this he easily returns a all of the special moves thrown to him by Echizen in the state of Muga no Kyouchi during the finals, including moves who taught to be unreturnable. Yukimura is able to trigger Yips on his opponents. Tooyama Kintaro describes this phenomenon as the idea that no matter how you hit the ball Yukimura is always able to return the shot with ease. This keeps bugging you're mind to the state you don't care anymore and eventually stop moving. First you lose you're sense of feeling, after that you go blind and then eventually you stop hearing. Up till now Yukimura never even lost 1 game and because of that he is often nicknamed “Child of God Yukimura." Eventually he loses against Echizen who reached the Pinnacle of Perfection at the end of the manga/anime. In the new manga New Prince of Tennis, he is matched up against Sanada during the selection and once again his yips triggering tennis proves to be unbeatable and dominates with a 7-1 tie break game.