Seiji Matoba

的場 静司

Age: 22 Birthday: November 1 Height: 174cm Blood Type: AB The head of one of the major exorcism clans, the Matoba Clan. In order to hunt them, he shows ayakashi, and sometimes even humans, no mercy. He takes great interest in Natsume. Cold hearted and rational. He uses ayakashi as bait to exorcise other ones and wants stronger ones to protect humans (although he doesn't mind hurting humans too when they're in his way). Ayakashis are just replaceable tools for him. He mainly uses a bow and arrow against them and if he finds their sealing troublesome, he prefers eliminating them. In the past one of the Matoba clan offered his right eye to an ayakashi for assistance, but in the end he never gave it. Ever since than the heads of the clan has had their right eye targetted by that ayakashi. Matoba Seiji still has his eye, but (according to his words) has a horrible scar.