Seiji Tamiya


Also Known As:

  • White Haired Devil

A mysterious white haired woman who possesses one of a pair of pendants containing a rare jewel that glows even in darkness and whose body is made entirely of artificial parts. She approaches Chiko with the intent to drag her into despair and feels that Chiko will never understand what it means to be close to Nijū Mens�. She hypnotises Shunka, Tome, and Akine to turn against and kill Chiko; failing that, she kidnaps Tome and uses her as bait to lure and fight Chiko. Eventually, it is revealed that she was Nijū Mens�'s lover when they were scientists working on revolutionary research before the war. Her specialty was creating cybernetics and enhancements for the body and is devastated when Nijū Mens� destroys the lab without explanation, especially after she uses herself as a subject of her research. She continued to seek out Nijū Mens� and destroy those close to him, but when he accepts her again, her body expires, her will to live expended after finally finding Nijū Mens� again. (Source: Wikipedia)