Also Known As:

  • Wally Tusket

Height: 193cm/6'3", Weight: 145kg/322.2lbs, Choujin Power: 910,000. A big Irish walrus (seiuchi is Japanese for walrus). A walrus Chojin, Wally is the friendlier and easygoing member of the New Generation. He greatly admires Mantaro Muscle, and in many ways is a lot like him, the two of them always being hungry and seen eating food all the time. Wally cares greatly for his family, who often come to watch his matches. He is the Number 2 student of the Hercules Factory First Years and has a lot of heart and spirit, but his kind and gentle personalty can lead to weaknesses in the ring. He is originally assigned to defend Hokkaido, an area in Japan best fitted for Wally's enivronment. In the current story arc, Wally has grown sick of Mantaro's numerous thoughtless remarks about him and leaves the Seigi Chojin side to form the Hell Expansions with Neptuneman. Neptuneman awakens Wally's ferocious animal instinct, transforming him into a blood thirsty beast. Ever since, Wally has appeared as an enemy of Mantaro and the others. In the Japanese version, Seiuchin refers to himself in the first person as Ora (オラ) instead of the more common Ore (オレ). He refers to Mantaro as Aniki (アニキ), a term of respect for (in this case) someone considered a brother. wikipedia