Sekima Hiwatari

Captain Bravo's former teammate and one of the Alchemy Commanders. He is the leader of in charge of Muto-assassination team. Has a bad temper and threatens to kill people, he almost never plans things out first, and is willing to use the same tactic the enemy uses to beat the enemy. During the Muto-Assassination arc he said, "Unreasonable things must be beaten with the same unreasonable tactics." After Maruyama, Negoro and Bravo were beaten, Hiwatari appears in front of Kazuki and co. to kill them. While Bravo tried to stop him, he released a flame storm that engulfed the entire construction yard thus leaving only the two silver skins intact. He went in shock after seeing Bravo sacrificing himself to cover his silver skin around Kazuki and Tokiko, and is angered by how Kazuki wants revenge, the two of them engaged in a fierce battle, only to have each of their attacks shielded from the other person by silver skin fragments. They were then stopped by Sakaguchi Showusei, the Asia leader of the Alchemy Warriors. Hiwatari's special ability is to talk while smoking. Hiwatari is also known as the Alchemy Warrior with the strongest offense with his Buso Renkin, the Blaze of Glory. (Source: Wikipedia)