Sela D Miranda


Also Known As:

  • Platinum Gale
  • Hurricane

A skilled basketball and BFB player with the nickname of "Platinium Gale". She likes to be abused, but hates weaker men and is looking for a well suited match. She believes Iceman to be this special man and on one occasion has ask for his “genes". When Dan played at the official BFB game one year ago, she claims to have believed him to be "the one" as well. She has been shown to have some affection for Dan, though it may have faded. It is later revealed that she is the daughter of a wealthy business-man, who's family later disowned her mother and herself, since she was a female, and not able to become an heir. For as of yet unexplained reasons, her mother later died. She resents her family and her father for both abandoning her mother, and only watching her as she died.