Selim Bradley


Selim Bradley is the son of Führer King Bradley. In the manga and 2009 anime series, Selim is the Führer's sprightly son. He frequently asks his father to tell him stories from the battlefront and interesting anecdotes from his everyday events. Selim professes a desire to become a State Alchemist so as to be more useful to the Führer and is a self-professed fan of Edward Elric. It is later revealed that Selim is not Bradley's biological son, but rather adopted from a distant relative and, specifically in Brotherhood, he is revealed as the Homunculus known as Pride. Pride is the first Homunculus that Father created. He is the most powerful of the Homunculi and seemingly the highest ranked, as he is seen giving orders to Sloth and Envy. Thus, he is generally respected by the others. He is extremely cruel, heartlessly ruthless and extremely devoted to Father's cause. He refers to his enemies as "mister (plus a nickname)" in mocking respect and often makes big smiles and casual talks before attacking. He has also proven himself to be quite clever and resourceful. His attacks mainly center around manipulating shadows, which is convenient, because it's virtually impossible to eliminate one's shadow. (Source: FMA Wikia)