Sen Tokugawa

徳川 千 (千姫)

Also Known As:

  • Senhime

Princess of the Tokugawa clan, Sen is as beautiful as she is difficult. She holds herself in high esteem, to the point of isolation at times. Quick to anger, Sen loves to abuse Hanzo, and treats her like a lower being, even though Hanzo clearly shows great affection towards her. Her rule is absolute, and she guides her followers with an iron fist, but seems to revert to a regular, whiny, and childish girl around Mune, something that Mune takes advantage of, and a flaw that Hanzo is quick to notice. As far as nobility goes, she's an odd duck in a small pond. Relies on her brother excessively, and seems to have somewhat of a crush on Muneakira. She is the third person to be turned into a master samurai by Muneakira. (Source: ANN)