Seras Victoria


Also Known As:

  • Police Girl
  • Draculina

Name: Seras Victoria Aliases: Police Girl, Draculina, Mignonette, Ms. Victoria, Hellsing's New Trump Card, Kitten Gender: Female Age: 19, 49 (Time Skip) Race: Vampire, Human (Formerly) Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue (Red when enraged or full vampire) Affiliations: Hellsing Organization, London Metropolitan Police (Former; Firearms Specialist) Abilities: Clairvoyance Superhuman strength Superhuman speed/reflexes Regeneration Advanced Marksmanship Shapeshifting (as of Chapter 86) Immortality Invulnerability Superhuman senses Advanced Combat Familiar summoning Intangibility A policewoman sent to investigate the troubles at Cheddar Village, her squad is killed and she is nearly raped and killed by the mad vampire priest inhabiting the dead village, but is "saved" when Alucard sends a bullet through her to kill the priest. On the verge of death, she allows Alucard to turn her into a vampire, and joins Hellsing as Alucard's minion. She is reluctant to embrace her new powers at first, but gradually comes to terms with what she is, and eventually discovers her true powers after a certain event.