Sergei Petrov


Also Known As:

  • Spencer

Age: Season 1: 16; Season 3: 18 Bit-beast: Seaborg Like Tala, Spencer (Sergei in the Japanese version) has been trained from a young age to be a beyblader, he is large in stature, but generally a very quiet person. However, when he speaks in his battles, he speaks volumes. He is known as a competitive player who doesn't like to lose (like all his teammates). Spencer was trained in the Abbey like the other Demolition Boys. He was the only blader physically strong enough to harness the power of Seaborg. He works to please Boris in season 1 but fails even when he beats Kai, as he took too long. He remains loyal to the Blitzkrieg Boys and despises Boris like the rest. He only trusts his team and like Bryan, does not trust Kai being on it. He is a character with few lines, but when he has something to say it's always meaningful. In G-Revolution Spencer's blade, Seaborg, is upgraded to the powerful Seaborg 2. His beyblades are Seaborg with the Voda Impact and Wave Impact attacks and Seaborg 2 with the Stramolyu attack. (Source: Wikipedia)