A bishÅ�nen teacher who often hangs out with Nitta. He is one of the secret mages at Mahora. During the "Kyoto Arc", he was assigned with the duty to secretly protect the students during their field trip to Kansai. He is not that fight-savvy, according to his own words. He is overpowered along with Gandolfini when Negi's students go to rescue their teacher. On the third day of the school festival, he is one of the mage teachers that escaped being shot by Mana's time-transporting bullets. Appears in episode 18 of the anime when all the teachers search for his contact lenses with Takahata finding it. According to the Del Ray manga translation, Volume 9, he is Ken Akamatsu's homage to the character, "Serpico" from Kentarõ Miura's manga Berserk.