Seryuu Ubiquitous


Age: mid-20s Blood type: A Seryuu is a member of the Jaegers, formerly of the Imperial Guard. She has a strong fixation upon "Justice," originating from her father's service in the Imperial Army and subsequent death. She also highly respected Ogre the Demon, her superior and teacher, and was heavily anguished by his death as well. Her opinion of justice is blunt, she believes the Night Raid are evil for their actions as assassins, but believes killing in service to justice is always right, which ultimately makes her opinion of murder similar to theirs if not the complete same thing; however, Seryuu has a twisted sense of right and wrong, bordering on a completely black and white view of the world—a firm believer in moral absolutism. All people who serve the empire, despite the deeds they do both publicly and not, are considered good by her, while those who oppose it, even those forced to against their will, are pure evil. Her twisted view of justice has caused a level of distrust towards her by her own teammates, as well as generally the entire imperial forces, on occasion, as she brutally murdered a group of prisoners long before they could interrogate the group. In chapter 38, she loses to Mine and activates a suicide bomb that is hidden inside her body, killing herself and Koro in the process. (Source: Akame ga Kill! Wikia)