Setsuna Higashi

東 せつな

Also Known As:

  • Eas
  • Set-chan

She first starts as a cold and isolated teenage girl loyal only to Moebius, which, due to her behavior when she is defeated, can be seen as an obsession. After spending time with the girls as a spy, she begins to wonder what makes her happy and slowly opens up to them. Following a final battle with Cure Peach, her life was offered to fill the Life Gauge and she died. However, she was saved by the Akarun and Chiffon, and is reborn as Cure Passion. After agreement she lives with the Momozonos, joins the dancing group and attends Public Yotsuba Junior High School with Love. She has dark purple hair as Setsuna, bluish-white hair as Eas and long light pink hair when in Pretty Cure form. Her Pickrun, the Akarun, is red, wears a ribbon on its head and has angel wings. Passion's theme colors are red and black and her symbol is stated to be the club or clover. Transformation and Ending Speech: Change, Pretty Cure! Beat Up! The scarlet heart is the proof of happiness! Freshly-ripened fresh, Cure Passion! (Change, Pretty Cure! Beat Up! Makka na Haato wa Shiawase no Akashi! Uretate fresh, Cure Passion!) Attack with the Passion Harp: Sing, the rhapsody of happiness, Passion Harp! Rage, storm of happiness! Pretty Cure! Happiness Hurricane! (Utae, Shiawase no rhapsody! Passhon Harp! Fukiareyo! Shiawase no Arashi! Pretty Cure! Happiness Hurricane!)