Sharon Apple

Sharon Apple is an artificial idol. She exists as a computer which produces a hologram. While her producers say that she has an artificial intelligence that includes emotional programming. It is later revealed that this programming is incomplete and her emotions are provided by Myung Fang Lone. Myung Fang Lone masquerades as Sharon's producer, and during the concerts she is connected to Apple's system to create the unique music that has swept the galaxy. However, the lead scientist on the project, Marge Gueldoa, goes against the wishes of others on the project and implants an illegal chip into her system. This chip makes Apple an artificial lifeform complete with sentience and emotion. Because of the close connection with Myung, Apple becomes intrigued by Myung's childhood friends, the test pilots Isamu Alva Dyson and Guld Goa Bowman. Apple causes a fire, and warns the two of the danger to see how they react. When Gueldoa takes Apple to earth for a concert in Macross City, she begins a plan to take over the city by hacking into the Macross and a new experimental X-9 Ghost drone ship. Isamu and Guld both arrive to stop her. During the course of the battle, she traps Myung and reveals her plan to show her love for Isamu by giving him the ultimate thrill that he has been looking for. Her plan is to kill him, and she uses the defenses of the Macross as well as her own hypnotic powers. Through the efforts of Myung and Isamu, Apple is defeated and destroyed. (Source: Wikipedia)