Shayla Shayla


At age nineteen, Shayla-Shayla (シェーラ・シェーラ Shēra Shēra; spelled "Shaellah-shaellah" in the Etranger Tour Guide) is (initially) the youngest of the three priestesses. Holding true to the classic anime redhead stereotype, this tanned priestess' temper is as fiery as her hair, matching her control over the element of fire. Makoto, Fujisawa and Alielle first meet her when she rescues them from a Bugrom attack on Mt. Muldoon, but she runs off with Afura without hearing them out about their mission. When she first learns Makoto's true identity, she accuses him of being a pervert and tries to roast him, but after he saves her life when Ifurita awakens, she begins to have feelings for him. She also has a friendly rivalry with the wind priestess Afura Mann. Shayla-Shayla in The Wanderers Rather than be centralized in one location, the three priestesses each run a separate temple. Fittingly enough, Shayla's fire temple is located in a volcano. She is just as temper-driven as her OVA persona, but with the addition of being a heavy gambler. When Makoto and Fujisawa first meet her, she had lost her clothes and the entire temple to Jinnai in a rigged game. (Source: Wikipedia)