Age: 20's Height: 160 cm (5'3") Hair color: Purple Blood type: AB Faction: Night Raid Teigu: Extase Sheele is one of the members of the Assassin's group, Night Raid. She seems to be clumsy and ditzy on the surface, but is a very caring and sweet person. Bears the teigu "Extase," a huge pair of scissors that can cut through anything. In Japanese, her name is pronounced "Sheere," which sounds similar to the German word "Schere." It means scissors, which is probably a pun referring to her teigu. Growing up in the low districts of the Capital, her clumsy nature caused many people through out her life often consider her useless, isolating her from nearly everyone. At one point in her past, she had a friend who didn't mind her personality but was attacked by her ex-boyfriend. Sheele killed the boyfriend in order to protect her, revealing that she had a strange talent for killing. However, in the end this broke their friendship. Soon after, a gang related to the man she killed earlier sought revenge against her and had already murdered her parents. Sheele defeated the group and was later scouted by the Revolutionary Army who learned of her ability. By joining, she wanted to use her talent in a way that would make her useful to others by helping fix society. She is one of the first members to warm up to Tatsumi, comforting him while he mourned his deceased friends from his home village. Later, she is attacked by Seryuu, and killed while saving Mine from harm. (Source: Akame ga Kill! Wikia)