Also Known As:

  • Shichimi-San

One of two "agents" from the Magic Academy sent with a report about the Star Crystals' disappearance. Their true forms are unknown since they took the images drawn up by Haruna; Shichimi is a cat, and Motsu is a frog. They then stay at Mahora and keep a close eye on Negi to ensure his magic secrecy. Eventually, this may no longer be the case when all of class 3-A learn about magic and became Pactio partners. Shichimi begins to hang around with Nodoka often, with some of the moments ranging from Shichimi taking a nap on Nodoka's lap to the cat sitting on Nodoka's head while she's in her Armor form. A few other strange cutscenes show them playing with tissue paper and bubblewrap. Occasionally, they are found with the Black Rose Baron.