Shifu Choshou

張昭 子布

An old woman with the appearance of a young girl, Choshou is in charge of the Hyakukeit�, a set of 5 legendary Chinese jian made of jewels supposedly made by Cao Cao in ancient China. All five were embedded in a large boulder on Chosho's property and sealed with chi, making them impossible to remove. Totaku was the first person to train under her to obtain the Hyakuhekitou, then Kanu, Ryomou, and Hakufu, with Hakufu the last one to seek training from her. Totaku went berserk in a blind sight of rage after Chosho lectured him about being weak. Hakufu tried to save her but fell unconscious after a jumping from a cliff turning to get to the city faster. Chosho gave Hakufu a gift through a kiss. It is possible that she is dead after giving Hakufu her gift, and it is not yet said what her gift was. Chosho appeared in episode 8 of Great Guardians, where she is seen training Ryomou.