Shigen Houto

龐統 士元

Also Known As:

  • Shiyoku Shoukan

A B-ranked fighter and a spy for Seito currently posing as Shiyoku Shokan, a Kyosho student. She is an expert at using medical needles. She was one of the three girls who seduced Koukin in an attempt for him to defect to Sousou's side, and she gave him "extra attention" afterwards to make sure he would not escape. While Koukin was asleep, she sneaked around the school and discovered Junyu with the Hyakuhekitou sword. Junyu caught her spying on him and the two fought. Houto's clothes were cut to shreds and she escaped naked. She reappeared back in bed with Koukin and gave him a message from Koumei, as well as revealing to him what was going on. In the anime, Houto is seen in the last episode of the Dragon Destiny OVA and in later episodes of Great Guardians.