Shigeo Umezu

梅津 茂雄

Shigeo is one half of the first official couple in 2-C. Apparently he has never kissed a girl before his girlfriend Madoka. Initially one of the five runners of the men's relay for class 2-C, until he fell over Napoleon during the 100m dash. Trusts in the good of other people but not all are as trustful as him. He also doesn't seem to mind groveling. Shigeo's current girlfriend is Madoka. He appears to be insecure in his relationship with Madoka, often questioning some of her actions. Once such incident occurred during the school cultural festival in which Madoka gave her number to one of her customers. During the survival test, he was unwilling to shoot Madoka, who was in the opposing army. This shows his devotion to his relationship, unfortunately, Madoka really wanted to participate in the Tea House and had no problems shooting him.