Shigusa Takachiho

高千穂 仕種

Also Known As:

  • Hard Wrapping

He is a senior of Class 13 and a member of the Flask Plan's Thirteen Party. His abnormality is extraordinary reflexes and he is considered the strongest man in the Thirteen Party. As a child, Takachiho's Abnormality allowed him to excel at sports, and he began to develop a superiority complex. Despite this, he never once thought of using his abilities for anything wrong or illegal. However, at the age of twelve his family was in a horrible car accident; sandwiched between a tractor and a tour bus. Takachiho survived thanks to his Abnormality, but his parents and younger sister died. This traumatic experience changed his view on his Abnormality; rather than thinking of himself as special, he began to see himself as a freak.Desiring to meet someone better than himself, Takachiho agreed to participate in the Flask Plan when approached by Hakama Shiranui. Ten years later, Takachiho is a researcher with the Flask Plan. He can no longer use his Abnormality. (Source: Medaka Box Wiki)