Shijima Kurookano

黒岡野 しじま

Also Known As:

  • Shiratama

Age: Unknown Birthday: Unknown Blood type: Unknown Height: 139cm Weight: 30kg Shoe Size: 20 cm Likes: Observing, sleeping, sunny spots, blue-black fish Hates: Humans, construction sites, shoes Special skills: Hide-and-seek, specifically hiding When the Alya students attack the Kairoushuu and the Banten ninja, she goes after Miharu and Yoite. When the leader of Kouga Village dies, she receives the scroll containing Kouga's kinjutsushou Daya and in turn, she gives it to Miharu. When not in human form, Shijima is disguised as Miharu's cat, Shiratama, and has been since before Miharu's birth. She is similar in appearance to the spirit of the Shinrabanshou. Like Aizawa, she has survived experiments performed by the holder of Shinrabanshou, a medical practitioner, during the Edo Period. The holder used the Shinrabanshou to give a human heart to a cat, who became Shijima. Because of these experiments, it is implied she is at least a century and a half old.