Shiki Murasaki

村崎 志紀

Gender: Female Age: 39 Height: 165 cm Blood Type: O Professional Statistics Occupation: Nurse Hometown: Chiba Status: Alive BIM Type: No data Kill(s): None Is a player from the previous round of Btooom! a year and a half ago and a former associate of Masahito. Murasaki was a nurse who worked in the same hospital with Masahito Date. She assisted in the cover up of a medical malpractice that involved Date, who she had respected deeply due to his public display of skills and ethics, but was framed by him for it instead and made a scapegoat by the hospital management. Understandably feeling betrayed, she entered Date's name when the Btooom! developer contacted her, only to find out that she was condemned to participate in the game with him. Date quickly approached Murasaki in the game and was able to convince her into joining forces with him under the notion that "it is easier for two people to collect 14 chips". Her respect for Date had not completely faded at that time, and Date later sweet-talk her into a relationship, but as soon as the sixth chip fell into their hand, Date subdued her and set one of his BIMs to kill her instead. She blocked the BIM with a waist pack out of desperation and therefore denotated it, but the move nonetheless ended up saving her as the low-yield explosive in the BIM was only sufficient in severing her left hand (which held the pack when the BIM detonated). Although Date took her chip and left her to die, she was eventually able to regain consciousness and find an abandoned building that was used to store medical supplies in the old time. There she found a sanctuary and peace, as the rest of the world has thought her dead, and remained removed from the conflict until the recent game of Btooom! started. (Source: Btooom! Wiki)