Shingo Shouji

庄司 慎吾

Shingo Shouji (庄å�¸ 真å�¾ ShÅ�ji Shingo) is a member of the Night Kids who drives a red Honda Civic SiR-II (EG-6). Shingo races dangerously—he will nudge his rival's car in order to make the other driver lose control. He doesn't find plain downhill races any fun, preferring to race under a mutual handicap he calls the Duct Tape Death Match. He detests Takeshi Nakazato because he believes that he is unfit to be leader of the Night Kids, a position that Shingo openly covets. In terms of racing ability, Shingo is the second best driver on the Night Kids team. He is also a childhood friend of Impact Blue's navigator, Sayuki. (Source: Wikipedia)