Shinichi Kanou

加納 慎一

The protagonist of this story. He decides to look for a job in order to escape the hikkikomori lifestyle he'd fallen into after entering high-school, but as a result he ends up employed in spreading Otaku culture for the "Holy Eldant Empire," a fantasy world that's mysteriously connected to Japan. He's a hardcore otaku who's true and honest to his interests. In episode 11, it is revealed that the reason Shinichi was chosen in this mission is because he could be erased without weighing on the conscience.All proof of his existence can be disposable in a flash. In episode 12, it is revealed that Shinichi is in love with Myucel. When they were on the windmill talking about why Shinichi risked his life, he wanted to confess to Myucel but then got interrupted by Elbia. (Source: ANN)