Shinichiro Ootori

鳳 榊一郎

Also Known As:

  • Phoenix

Presented after saving Mafuyu's life, he is a mysterious but polite mid-aged man who lives a solitary life with his only disciple, Elizabeth. After rescuing Mafuyu he was appointed as a teacher at St. Mihailov, but after returning from Russia he changed drastically, becoming detached and cold. He resolved to the same objective of the Adepts, and thus kidnapped Tomo and faced against Sasha when he came to her aid. He was present when the Qwaser of Gold disfigured Sasha's face with the scars he currently has, and he himself is a Qwaser, with control over the element of sodium. Aptly named the Phoenix or the Pyrotechnicist, he uses his power to control others bodies and to create razor-sharp wire with which bind, slash and incinerate his victims. His fate is not clear, though he apparently died after a heated battle with Sasha. (Source: Wikipedia)