Shinji Ibu

伊武 深司

Fudoumine 2nd Year Birthday: 3rd November (Scorpio) Height: 165cm Weight: 55kg Blood Type: AB Dominant Hand: Right Play Style: Counter-puncher Shoes: NIKE (AIR CRUTCH EXTRA II PLUS) Racket: TOALSON (EZ-122 TITANIUM) Special Move: Kick serve, Spot Favourite Food: Pickles Hobby: Listening to music, playing LEXIDETA (An IQ game) Family: Father, Mother, Two younger sisters Father's occupation: Worker (?) Favourite Subject: Physcis Favourite Colour: Grey Preferred type: Cute girls (With a neat row of teeth), Foreigner Ibu Shinji is the renowned genius of Fudomine. He was able to defeat the star players of Tokyo-based schools which helped Fudomine reach the district finals. His Spot was responsible for Echizen's accident during the game. Ibu has the habit of mumbling and talking to himself, much to his teammates' annoyance.