In a situation remarkably similar to Dawn's, Shinko was in the middle of choosing her first Pokémon when the Chimchar and the Piplup start fighting. They end up breaking the window and escaping into the woods. Shinko tells Professor Rowan what happened and Dawn offers to help find the escaped Pokémon. Shinko and Dawn walk through the forest when they quickly encounter the escaped Piplup and Chimchar, but they run away out of sight. Suddenly they find that Chimchar and Piplup are caught in a web guarded by an Ariados. Cyndaquil is able to free them but is distracted by Shinko. Suddenly the Ariados fires a Poison Sting and Cyndaquil takes the hit and is badly hurt. Then, multiple Ariados appear and fire a String Shot stopping Shinko and Dawn in their tracks. But Dawn is able to stop them using all of her Pokémon. But the leader Ariados uses Psychic controlling them and using String Shot to stop them. But suddenly Cyndaquil evolves into a Quilava and uses Eruption defeating the Ariados. They successfully get the Pokémon back and Shinko says her farewells to Dawn on her journey to Hoenn. Shinko has a tendency to take down notes wherever she goes. [summary @ bulbapedia]