Shinnosuke Nohara

野原 新の助

Also Known As:

  • Shin-chan

Age: 5 He is the main character, a kindergarten-aged boy whose antics are the basis for the series. His affectionate name is Shin-chan. He loves Chocobis and an animated superhero named "Action Kamen". He is attracted to older girls and women, despite his young age. He brazenly pursues any girl who catches his eye. He shares this trait with his father and paternal grandfather, but this often results in Mom's cruel punishment. The only girl he seems to really like is a college student named Nanako. Some of his strange activities include dressing up and mooning. In general, he is brutally honest, highly curious, and has no shame whatsoever. Ironically, there have been several instances in which his antics actually solved the problems of those around him. He also displays a surprising amount of talent at various activities including kendo. On rare occasions, he displays bouts of selfless kindness (for example, in one anime episode he saved a frog from a truck on a rainy day, getting all wet and dirty and risking Misae's ire since it was his last set of clean clothes), but these are often immediately followed by antics that negate the goodwill others feel. There are also times when Shin-chan displays a level of maturity beyond his usual self in his concern for others. For example, during the trip to Australia where he bumps into Kazama, he kindheartedly arranged for Kazama's father to play ball with his son after Shin-chan notices him being sad on the beach. (Source: Wikipedia)