Shino Aburame

油女 シノ

Age: 13 (I); 16 (II) Birthday: January 23 Horoscope: Aquarius Blood Type: AB Height: 161.1 cm (I); 175.1 cm (II) Weight: 48.5 kg(I); 56.6 kg (II) Rank: Genin (I); Chuunin (II) Likes: Salad with herb, winter melon, insects Dislikes: Anything that smells strong Shino Aburame is character who has a fascination with bugs; most of his spare time is spent watching bugs, he often makes analogies to bugs when talking. In addition to liking bugs, Shino is characterized by his emotionless, solitary, and collected way of doing things. He speaks very bluntly and never allows emotion to interfere with his judgment, sometimes offending people in doing so. Despite his odd personality and occasionally arguing with Kiba, Shino has a very strong sense of connection with his teammates and allies. Shino alongside Hinata Hyuga and Kiba Inuzuka is in team 8 which is led by Kurenai Yuuhi. In battle, Shino is able to take great use of his intelligence, being able to use his analytical and observational skills to make shrewd judgments with pinpoint reasoning. As a member of the Aburame clan, Shino was infused at birth with a special breed of insects that feed on chakra. In return for becoming a living hive, the insects attack opponents, usually while he distracts them, and carry out other tasks as he commands. Shino has found a number of uses for these bugs, and as such has devised a number of jutsu that utilize them for varying purposes, such as creating copies of himself or using bugs for defensive purposes.