Shinobu Nunotaba

布束 砥信

Shinobu is a student from Nagatenjouki Academy, who worked on the Sisters experiment before it was shut down. She was called again when the Sisters were being used for the Level 6 Shift program. However, when she noticed the Sisters had something of a conscience, she was unable to see them as objects. She attempted to stop the experiments by using envelopes containing cash cards to fill the unwatched alleyways they are held with human eyes. She does not appear to have any powers, but uses good acting to invoke fear into enemies and make them believe she has a deadly one. In fact, she referred to her "powers" as "Critical," a power which, according to her, can be used only on opponents she has touched. It is through her that Mikoto learns about the Sisters experiment. She later infiltrates one of the facilities involved with the Sisters project with the hopes of installing fear emotions into the Sisters, to cast doubt and the morality of the experiment but is apprehended by Saiai Kinuhata.