Shintarou Midorima

緑間 真太郎

Also Known As:

  • Midorimacchi
  • Mido-chin
  • Shin-chan
  • Midorin

Age: 16 Height: 195 cm (6'4") Weight: 174 lbs (79 kg) Birthday: July 7th Blood Type: B Sign: Cancer Likes: Red bean soup, Oha-Asa Dislikes: Cats School: Teiko (Former) Shuutoku High School Position: Shooting Guard Special Ability: Shooting from anywhere on the court (Far-Distance Shooter) Midorima often acts reserved, mean, and brusque with others, coming off as arrogant—although Takao claims Midorima is just "tsundere." He has a hard time acting kind to his opponents and generally hates "fooling around" (although Takao often pursues him into it). He can be seen, at all times, with a lucky item due to his strong belief and passion for horoscope. He is left-handed, and always bandages his dominant hand outside of matches (claiming that his hand must be in perfect condition so nothing will influence his shot). He also shapes his nails so that his hands will be in perfect form for shooting. Formerly a member of the basketball team of Teikou Middle School, Midorima is a member of the Generation of Miracles (Kiseki no Sedai); during his time with Teikou, his jersey number was seven, switching to six as he joined ShÅ«toku's. He also served as a vice-captain under Akashi. His strength is his absolute accuracy, which is shown in his shots that always go in. He can shoot accurately no matter how far he is from the ring. He is also a really good defender (Source: Kuroko no Basuke Wikia)