Shintarou Natsume

夏目 慎太郎

Age: 18 Birthday: August 2 (Leo) Height: 182 cm (6'0") A soft-spoken underling of Kanzaki, he shows exceptional interest in Oga and his exploits. Handsome and long-haired, he prefers to make light-hearted quips during frays to engaging in them personally. Though he rarely participates in fights himself, he is incredibly strong, taking out the MK5 by himself and even downing one of Toujou's underlings within seconds. From this it is implied that Natsume is significantly stronger than previously credited, as not even Kanzaki or Himekawa were capable of such a feat. He shows these fighting skills again when he blocks Gou Hiromichi from attacking Oga head on, stating, "it's not really my style to go all out in a fight." (Source: Wikipedia)