First appearance: Battle 12 Age: 18 Type: Sei Type: Katsujin Ken Martial Arts: Taekwondo Shiratori is Kisara's principal lieutenant, and joined Shinpaku when she did. He is known for his long blonde hair. He has never been seen actually fighting during her time in Ragnarok, but since He was ranked the same as Tsuji Shinnosuke was under Kisara during the Ragnarok arc, it is assumed that Shiratori was as just as strong as Kisara at that time. Often described as "girly" by other people, Shiratori is actually a tall young woman with a lean build and distinctively long blonde hair. She is typically seen wearing a white button-up shirt, dark pants, and a long blue coat that reaches down to just above her ankles. Due to her refined appearance and long hair, the lower-ranking members of the Shinpaku Alliance, not realizing Shiratori actually is a girl, initially insulted her feminine appearance, creating a tension in the air during the party they held to get to know each other. She is revealed to be a girl after she fought Ukita. The members of the Valkyries seem to have known that she was a girl from the start. She is typically a very calm and reserved individual, rarely ever speaking unless directly addressed. She also seems to be self-conscious about her physical appearance and is usually seen dressed in fine clothing, even while she was a member of the street gang Ragnarok, and has been shown lashing out at people for pointing out her somewhat feminine appearance. She displays a tremendous amount of respect for her superiors, particularly Kisara, and will to do whatever she asks. This devotion to her extends beyond her team affiliation, as she was quick to follow her lead and join the Shinpaku Alliance, even working to get along with the group's lower-ranking members despite her noticeable dislike of them during their first meeting. She possesses a strong desire to be strong like Kisara and protect her, a goal which prompted her to take up Taekwondo as her primary martial art. When several of the Shinpaku captains plan a double date, Shiratori decides to attend despite the fact that Kisara has already agreed to go with Ukita, prompting Miu to suggest a love triangle. This is later proved true during the date when Shiratori continually competes with Ukita for her attention. As a former senior member of Ragnarok, Shiratori was ranked as a fairly capable fighter, although her skills pale in comparison to the captains of the Shinpaku Alliance. Like Kisara, she specializes in the same style of Taekwondo, and hopes to be like her one day. Despite, the fact she has rarely been shown in battle, she is strong enough to take on armed thugs with her bare hands, as shown when she protected Kisara during a group outing with several of their fellow Shinpaku members. She claims that in terms of raw power, Shiratori's kicks are even stronger than her own. After accepting a challenge from Ukita, she effortlessly destroys the Shinpaku Captain in a display that impresses even Miu. Kisara goes on to explain that the only reason Shiratori did not strive to become one of the Eight Fists in Ragnarok was because she lacked the interest.