Shirayuki Hotogi

星伽 白雪

Also Known As:

  • Himiko

Age: 16
Height: 168 cm (5'6")
Weight: 55 kg
Weapons of Choice: Japanese Sword
Known As: Himiko

Female student of Butei High School and childhood friend of Kinji. Enrolled in Butei's special department known as SSR. Butei rank A. She is the current student council chairman, and president of various clubs like the gardening club, handicraft club, and girl's volleyball club. A perfect Japanese beauty according to Kinji, except for one flaw -jealousy, which turns her into a berserker who assaults any girl approaching Kinji. When she finds out that Aria is living with Kinji she goes as far as trying to murder her. She is shown to love Kinji to the point that she will do anything for him. She uses a Japanese sword named Irokane Ayame as a weapon of choice.

It is revealed that her name, Shirayuki, was a fake name to hide her real name, Himiko.



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