After the War of Heroes, Shiris and her partner Orson found themselves without work, which really irritated them. Then, when they discover Parn, Woodchuck, Etoh, and Deedlit riding toward a quiet village, they took them to be Marmo soldiers and attacked. Only after Deedlit points out the obvious and Parn disarms her does Shiris relent. She soon realizes her mistake. She and Orson will eventually come to Parn and Deedlit's aid since she knows full well the fury her Berserker partner can unleash. Shiris tries not to show her feelings for Parn, and she hates it when Orson talks to her about it. They normally would just go about their business, but the darkness makes her realize the terrible danger. She changes her mind and comes to Parn's side once more, and as Parn rides to his destiny, she and Orson ride out with a mission of their own.