Shiro Fujiwara


Also Known As:

  • Chairman

Age: 17 Shiro Fujiwara is a third-year student of the high school and the president of the class. He is a very polite, responsible and somewhat conservative young man, besides, he wears glasses. Yonekuni Madarame describes Shiro's hairstyle as "old-fashioned". Shiro Fujiwara studies at the same class as Yonekuni Madarame (who calls him simply "a Chairman") and, being "a monkey" (=raised in the family of "monkeys"), is Yonekuni's "temporary friend". The truth is, Shiro has had deep feelings towards Yonekuni ever since middle school. Shiro Fujiwara is a wolf, the highest grade of dogs. In fact, he is the last wolf in Japan, and his identity is considered to be extremely rare. Due to the fact that Shiro's parents were weak and sickly and couldn't guarantee his safety, he was passed to a foster family of "monkeys" and his true identity was sealed. The condition of his unsealing was true and mutual love.