Appears to be 25 years old. Birthdate and blood type is unknown. 181 cm tall (approx. 5'9"). 59 kg (approx. 130 lbs). With his trademark black coat and top hat, and long, silvery hair, Shirogane is a mysterious man who appears before Akira and involves him in the fight between the shadow world and human world. He carries around a cane which, apparently, can be surged with spiritual energy to fight off Kokuchi. Shirogane hides his true personality. His way of speech changes to one with a sharp tongue. His usual calm, smiling side becomes more cold and aggressive. This side has appeared in the anime, when Shirogane was talking to Kou on the rooftop. In the manga, after switching personalities, his cane changes to a katana and therefore, able to slice Nanaya's arm off. In the anime Shirogane appears to have a romantic interest in Akira, but it is not evident (possibly non-existent) in the manga.