Shirou Fujimoto


Age: 49 Birthday: May 10th Hair: Gray Eyes: Red Height: 177 cm (5'10") Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs.) Blood type: AB Pastimes and talents: Collecting dirty books, taking care of his glasses, falling asleep anywhere and anytime Average hours of sleep per night: 6 Favorite foods: Oden (especially the Japanese Radish) Favorite manga genres: Romance, emotional drama, social drama Favorite type of girl: Hot with large breasts Father Fujimoto was Rin and Yukio's guardian and was also considered to be one of the most powerful Exorcists in the world. He was thought to be the only man in the world that was able to sustain possession by Satan himself and thus Satan was constantly after his body. Fujimoto was able to fought off Satan's attempts at possessing his body through sheer willpower. However after receiving a mental shock from what Rin had said, Satan was finally able to take over his body and later Fujimomoto killed himself in order to save Rin and the others. Fujimoto had a familiar sith cat demon, which he called Kuro, that Rin has inherited. He was a confirmed Aria, Dragoon and tamer and could possibly have been a Knight and a Doctor as two of those who have studied under him have become these. He was said to be the strongest exorcist on the planet and was the only one to gain the rank of Paladin, the highest rank of the exorcists. (Source: VIZ Media)