Shizuku was a kunoichi who hailed from the Land of Demons. Shizuku is shown to be a graceful fighter with maneuvers of a rhythmic gymnast. Her primary battle tactics while under the influence of Yomi's dark chakra revolve around water-chakra. She can easily create large scale jutsu that can overwhelm the entire area or attack from huge distances. She can also move at great speed with little effort by gliding on a stream of water. If faced with a life-threatening attack, she can turn herself into water. Shizuku is the lone female member of Yomi's team on a quest to release M�ry�. During the first encounter with Naruto and his team, she demonstrated impressive fire-chakra skills that nearly killed Naruto. During the second battle, Shizuku performs the initial attack to separate Shion from her protectors by attacking them with an enormous Water Dragon. Neji is surprised to see that she has such tremendous mastery of water-chakra because he detected no such chakra in her during the previous fight.