Shizuku Kurogane

黒鉄 珠雫

Kurogane Ikki's sister. When Ikki runs away from his home, she understands how he was treated in his house. Even after he left, everyone acted as if Ikki never existed. When Kurogane's family head learns that Ikki joined Hagun Academy, the head orders the Academy chairmen to never let Ikki graduate. Which Shizuku hears when the family was planning this and resolves to love her brother even if nobody loved him. Telling herself that she will accept him even if the whole world won't accept him. She cuts her hair short to show the strength of her resolve. This is the reason for Shizuku to have incurable Brother Complex. She later acknowledges Stella and Ikki's relationship as she left Ikki and Stella to be alone after he falls from the battle with Shizuya Kirihara, but still won't give up on him.