Shobu Kirifuda


The show's protagonist. He aspires to become a great duelist like his father. Shobu keeps a positive attitude throughout the series, insisting on dueling for fun as opposed to simply winning. He's brave, strong, and true. He uses a Fire Civilization deck which later becomes a Dragon Deck. He has many main cards, including Bolshack Dragon, Garkago Dragon, Bolmeteus Steel Dragon, Bobazaar Dragon of Destiny, Bolmeteus Samurai Dragon, and most recently, Bolshack Yamato Dragon. His surname's kanji "切札KIRI-FUDA" literally means "The Trumph Card", "The Ace Card" or "The Winning Card". His name's kanji "å‹�舞Shou-Bu" is a combination of his father's name "å‹�利Shou-Ri" means "Victory" or "Victor" and his mother's name "舞Mai" means "Dance", thus "å‹�舞Shou-Bu" means "Victory Dance" or "Dance of Victory". The pronunciation "ã�—ょã�†ã�¶Shou-Bu" is also a pun from "å‹�è² Shou-Bu" which means "Win (or) Lose" or also "Duel". (Source: Wikipedia)